U.S. Concrete New York Ready-Mixed Concrete Solutions

Designing concrete mixes for your specific needs

At U.S. Concrete New York, we collaborate with owners, architects, structural engineers and contractors to evaluate each project’s unique requirement and engineer mixes to meet their needs. Selecting the optimum mix for a job entails determining not only the ingredients that will produce the desired permeability, strength, appearance and other properties of the concrete after it has hardened and cured, but also the ingredients necessary to achieve a workable consistency considering the weather and other conditions at the job site.

U.S. Concrete New York develops, tests and certifies its concrete mixes in our dedicated, NYC Department of Buildings licensed and AMRL (AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory) accredited laboratory, Aggregate & Concrete Testing, LLC (“ACT”). Only one other concrete producer in NYC has a similar, dedicated laboratory. All other concrete producers rely on third-party labs. And no NYC concrete testing lab comes close to the level of staffing, number of accreditations and certifications, or the amount of testing done by U.S.Concrete New York and ACT.

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Specialty Products: ARIDUS® Rapid Drying Concrete

ARIDUS Rapid Drying Concrete reduces the drying time and risks associated with excess moisture vapor in concrete slabs, enabling faster, more effective floor topping installations. ARIDUS Rapid Drying Concrete was developed and patented by U.S. Concrete’s National Research Laboratory, USC Technologies, Inc. to address recent changes in environmental government regulations that limit or restrict VOCs in flooring adhesives. While these new formulations may reduce the environmental impact of new flooring installations, the new adhesives are less durable and more susceptible to moisture-related issues. In response, contractors have been forced to combat the problems by adding sealers or lengthening the drying time of the concrete, in hopes of reducing the risk of liabilities associated with the failures of floor coverings. In addition, these remedies increase the time construction time and costs associated with the projects. And none of these remedies address how to reduce the moisture.

ARIDUS Rapid Drying Concrete consumes the excess water and accelerates the drying time, eliminating extended drying times and the need for costly and time-consuming topical products such as epoxies. As a result, ARIDUS Rapid-Drying Concrete not only prevents moisture-related flooring covering failures, but contactors experience reductions in construction schedules and costs. This has led to architects and contractors specifying ARIDUS Rapid Drying Concrete for their flooring projects nationwide. To learn more visit